Joint Administration / Academic Senate WASC Accreditation Steering Committee

Term of appointment: October 2012 – February 2013

The committee consisted of members of Academic Senate Davis Division WASC Steering Committee, additional Academic Senate faculty, administrators, and student representation.


  • Ralph Hexter, Provost and Executive Chancellor
  • Bruno Nachtergaele, Academic Senate Divisional Chair, Professor, Mathematics


  • Carolyn de la Peña, Interim Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education, Professor, American Studies
  • André Knoesen, Academic Senate Divisional Vice Chair, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Academic Senate Representation**

  • Patrick Farrell, Professor, Linguistics; Chair: Admissions and Enrollment 
  • Benjamin Shaw, Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Chair: Courses of Instruction 
  • Rachael Goodhue, Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics; Chair: Graduate Council
  • Craig Warden, Professor, Pediatrics; Chair: General Education 
  • Jerold Last, Professor, Internal Medicine; Chair: Planning and Budget 
  • Matthew Traxler, Professor, Psychology; Chair: Undergraduate Council 
  • Carl Whithaus, Professor & Director, University Writing Program; Chair: Undergraduate Instruction & Program Review 
  • ** Extended appointment (September 2012 - April 2014)

Additional Faculty*

  • Alan Buckpitt, Professor, School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Susan Ebeler, Professor, Viticulture and Enology
  • Joe Kiskis, Professor Emeritus, Physics, Co-chair of previous WASC review
  • Diana Gold Myles, Professor Emeritus, Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Jeffrey Schank,* Professor, Psychology
  • Neil Schore, Professor, Chemistry
  • James Shackelford,* Professor, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
  • Gina Werfel, Professor, Art
  • *These members served during Fall 2012 only.


  • Lora Jo Bossio, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
  • Gillian Butler, Analyst, Institutional Analysis
  • Adela de la Torre, Interim Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
  • Steve Drown, Campus Counsel
  • Karen Dunn-Haley, Director, Academic Assessment
  • Karl Engelbach, Associate Chancellor, UC Davis
  • Gary Ford, Associate Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education
  • Helen Schurke Frasier, Director of Analysis and Policy, Graduate Studies
  • Jeff Gibeling, Dean, Graduate Studies
  • Sharon Knox, Senior Writer, Undergraduate Education
  • Gail Martinez, Assistant Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education
  • Helen Paik, Analyst, Administrative and Resource Management
  • Patricia Turner,* Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education
  • *These members served during Fall 2012 only.

Student Representation

  • Bradley Bottoms, Senator, Associated Students University of California Davis